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 Avon – The Building of a Brand

I chose this article because , as a entrepreneur you should know how to get to the top and maintain your business during  the time.  AVON company tried to care about the quality of the products, about the innovations and values, trying to become better and to offer a lot of opportunities for women to gain some additional profit without any qualifications.

McConnell, the creator of this company, cared passionately about the products’ quality and the people he worked with. He was a master at keeping his troops happy and well-motivated. A strategy he used was the good quality of the products. During all these years this company tried to perform the quality of their products with a guarantee satisfaction and to produce something new and useful for the customers, in order to obtain their loyalty.

Another feature of Avon is innovations and values. They always tried to be updated, to create new lines for teenagers, for women, for men, for kids, that is to create different segments to meet their needs. One of the most unique features of direct selling with Avon is that it does not require any special experience, education or other qualifications.

The competition in the cosmetic market is enormous and Avon resisted for a such long period of time, because they knew how to create loyalty beyond reason  that everyone could recognize immediately.

As a business student, these strategies helped me to understand that is not enough just to get profit from a business, but there are many other steps mentioned above that should be done to achieve a world popularity.

Here is an interesting video about starting point of Avon comany.

The Rebuilding of a Brand

            Big companies need to rebrand, if they want to stay on the market and have success. It is all about consumers, because nowadays they are searching for brands with which they will have long and trustable relationship.

The two brands which I believe managed to develop the best rebranding campaign are Fiat and Hewlett-Packard. A good example of rebranding has the Fiat – an Italian carmaker company. It was an excellent strategy to invite  Jennifer Lopez, to be advertised in Fiat publicity, in order to rebuild this brand.. The company is trying to get people talking about and recognizing Fiat. The Fiat car which is advertised by J Lo has a lot of potential. So, Fiat chose a better strategy for rebranding and gaining new customers.

Another company which proposed to rebuild its brand is Hewlett-Packard. Hewlett-Packard finds itself in a position where they need a new brand standing. They wanted to maximize its opportunities to connect with people, to tell great stories and inspire great stories, to listen and respond, and to adapt to its environment. They implemented a lot of new opportunities for clients to  attract them.

            Fiat and HP managed to implement this rebuilding in order to maintain the freshness of their brands. In my opinion, these changes provide them the opportunity to reestablish themselves as a larger and even improved force.

Click here to see the commercial video 


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